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Pirate Costumes!

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So, while patching my kTera client today, I noticed that they’ve added in a new set of cosmetic outfits to the game folders! These are unreleased, but you can assume they’ll be a new addition to the Korean cash shop soon.

These screenshots were taken using UModel. I am linking to my imgur gallery.

Link to Imgur Gallery

New Armour Models – Federation Update

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Edit March 12: See for a much more aesthetically pleasing gallery!

I’ve used my magic to take a sneak peek at the new armour skins featured in the brand-new Federation update! You can see all of the new models in my gallery here:

My Puush gallery!

You can see which race each model is for by checking the small white text at the top left corner. These screenshots were taken using UModel. All the screenshots you see here are of the chest armour ONLY – glove and boot models are included in the files, but I have not screenshotted them.

Not all of the races are represented as of yet. For some reason, the developers have only included skins for some of the races, and not others…? Or else I’ve got a corrupted download. Either way, if you don’t see your class/race here, it’s because I don’t have a model for that in my folders. Missing textures are:

Aman Female: light, robe
Aman Male: robe
Baraka: heavy, light
Castanic Male: robe
High Elf Male: heavy
Human Female: heavy
Human Male: robe
Popori: heavy

New Emotes UI

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A new UI for emotes and more elin fetishizing in today’s kTera patch! And fun was had all around.


So, BHS wants to make emotes more accessible for all players. They’re adding in a new Emotes menu, from which you can view all available emotes and drag them onto your hotkey bars for easy use. (In case you loved the sound of Elins spamming /cry, amirite?)


You’ll notice there are two tabs to this brand new Emote UI. Would you care to guess what’s in the second tab?

2nd tab

Oh, my. A special set of emotes which are only unlocked when your character is wearing one of the brand new Elin maid costume outfits. At the moment, there are only two new maid-only emotes: a subservient bow, and a booty dance. (It literally translates as “ass/hips dance”.)


booty dance

And, BHS finishes off this article with this whimsical picture of an Elin suffering from a sudden gust of wind.


Edit: Ah, I seem to have forgotten to link the original article on the official Hangame site. Master, please excuse my poor manners!

Video: Infiltration Teaser

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Hello! It’s been a few days since I’ve had news, but BHS finally released a new video showing off their upcoming faction vs faction PvP systems. It’s fairly self-explanatory, but regardless, here are the translations of the floating text throughout the video.

0:25 – Allemantheia faction garrison
0:27 – Infiltration
0:33 – Velika faction meetinghouse
0:45 – Installing infiltration wards
0:48 – Summoning troops
0:55 – Ambush
1:07 – Seige weapon defense
1:10 – Guards defense

Thanks to Mitsukai23 for posting the video!

Kelsaik’s Sanctuary Raid Teasers

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BHS has released a new GO Communications article featuring some teaser information on the upcoming raid instances! Two of the four new raid instances will feature Kelsaik, the Harbinger of Annihilation. The good news is that BHS describes these dungeons as “Tera’s first raid dungeons” – meaning they don’t consider Nexus Traverse a raid dungeon! Yay!

Anyways. Here is the roughly translated version of this article.

(The first few paragraphs describe the lore of the new instances. I’ll translate this later. I’ll admit I’m not up-to-date on the lore, so this didn’t really make a lot of sense to me.)

20 man raid dungeon: Runaway Kelsaik’s Sanctuary
Tera’s first raid dungeon will provide a new and unique challenge to the most prepared soldiers. Both a normal and a hard mode are available. Once your team has fine-tuned their skills and strategy in normal mode, they can up the ante with hard mode.

10man raid dungeon: Unstable Kelsaik’s Sanctuary
The difficulty of this dungeon is somewhat lower than its 20man counterpart. The goal of this dungeon is to allow the largest number of players to experience raiding content, lowering hurdles between new and experienced players.

Overall Strategy
The basic strategies of the two new raid dungeons are similar to a larger, more complex Kelsaik’s Nest. Success will require individual skill and group coordination in equal measures. Players will be challenged not only to fully utilize their abilities and gear, but also to fulfill new roles with unique strategies.

Note: You cannot use Instance Reset Scrolls on raid dungeons.

First and foremost, all those who participate will receive some type of reward. Rewards will be paid out to every member who helps to kill Kelsaik; additionally, there is a chance to drop stronger items. Both dungeons share the same loot rewards, but clearing harder dungeons grants your team a higher chance to receive better loot.

1) Equipment
t14 weapons and armour will drop. These will be similar in power to the existing t14 Regent’s set. The weapons will carry a special bonus stat called “Curse: Freezing Prison”. (Translation Note: This appears to be the same as the existing Freezing Prison on KN HM weapons.)

2) Accessories
A unique necklace will also be available from the Kelsaik raid dungeons. This necklace will be the only necklace in the game to have the special bonus stat “Curse: Kelsaik’s Flame”. This bonus stat will grant your attacks a chance to flinch the target and inflict a burning damage effect. (Translation Note: This effect does not have the same name as the existing “Pulsing Flame” effect, however its effect appears to be similar.)


Note: These are not the only dungeons coming in the next update! Three other raid instances are also in the development and testing phase, scheduled to be released around the same time as the Kelsaik dungeons:

10man: Fortress of the Sorcerer

10man to 20man: Kamai’s Prison

Unknown: Vallona’s Dice

Jan 17th Patch Notes

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These are the translated patch notes for kTera’s January 17th patch. Massive priest buffs

Agnitor Credit Cost Reduction
The costs to purchase some items from the Agnitor NPC have been reduced. Only t12 enigmatic Agnitor gear and t13 enigmatic Agnitor gear sets were affected. The new prices are as follows:
t12 Weapon: 1680 credits
t12 Chest: 1400 credits
t12 Boots and Gloves: 1120 credits
t13 Weapon: 3600 credits
t13 Chest: 3150 credits
t13 Boots and Gloves: 2310

Cross-Server Matching Changes
The server “Arun’s Glory” now has a separate party and battleground matching system from the other servers. (Syn’s Note: This server is the merge of the previous four pay-to-play servers. Essentially, they’re making it so that veterans don’t have to deal with the f2p crowd as much.)

Story Quest Monster Adjustments
The attack power and HP of some story quest monsters has been greatly reduced.

Jack’s Merchant Guild Quest Changes
The quest “Power Measurement” for the Jack’s Merchant Guild faction has been re-adjusted. The required monster kills for the quest have been changed.

Enchanting Success Announcements
The server will no longer announce when players have successfully enchanted an item to +9. It will now only announce when players successfully enchant to +12.

Monster AI Adjustments
Some BAMs will now respawn more quickly when killed.

Class Changes
– Energy Stars now has a range of 35m. The buff provided by Energy Stars has also been increased. It now increases party members’ attack speed by 11% (up from 5%). At max level, it will increase party members’ power by 36 (up from 22). Its duration has been increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds. Its cooldown has been reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.
– Two priest glyphs have also been changed. The “Glyph of Enfeeblement” for Triple Nemesis now has a 100% chance to reduce the enemy’s endurance by 10% for 7 seconds (up from 20%). The “Glyph of Energy” for Energy Stars has been changed to a 20% increase in effect strength (rather than 20% cooldown).

-Penetrating Arrow cooldown has been reduced by 2 seconds.
– Only the first two hits of Rapid Fire will cause the “rigid” effect. (Mis-translation?)