Nov 8th Patch Notes

Originally posted by Jackyl of Yggdrasil Guild. Not my work, just posting for thoroughness’s sake. Jackyl is sexy.

Original Post

The amount of rating points rewarded for a win in PvP Arena has been decreased.
The issue regarding charging skills for Berserkers and Archers being cancelled due to the high chance of stagger has been corrected.
The stagger/knockdown effect has been removed from Sorcerer’s Void Pulse skill.
The movement increase speed of Glyph of Fleetfoot for Archer’s Web Arrow skill has been corrected. It is now 10 instead of 12.
The cooldown for Priest skill Kaia’s Shield has been decreased from 75 seconds to 50 seconds.
The cooldown for Priest skill Guardian Sanctuary has been decreased from 40 to 35 seconds.
Use of certain consumable items in battlegrounds has been disabled. (Items that are only in K-tera)

~ by Synergy on November 7, 2012.

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