Stepping into kTera

Today is my third day playing kTera.

I have created two characters: a lancer, and a priest.

(Update: Dec 1st: Priest is now 58, lancer set aside for now due to lag when tanking.)

I am not a native Korean speaker. In fact, I hardly speak any Korean at all! I am learning the basics, the barebones of what I’ll need to get by in kTera. Learning the language has actually been the most interesting part so far. I have pored over Korean Tera fansites for months, but never really bothered to learn any of it. I navigate and “ghetto-translate” by matching characters with things I recognize from NA-Tera.

I really love the way in which the Korean alphabet is typed. Looking at it, it appears to be a bunch of very complex symbols, such as 한. But, typing in Korean is a lot like using combos in fighting games. The Korean “alphabet” consists of many tiny, simple characters, such as ᄂ and ᄉ. When you type two or three of these in quick succession, they create a “combo” and they join together to form one complex symbol.

I am creating a list of Korean MMO slang which I might use in my everyday life on kTera.

Hello – ᄒᄋ

Bye – ᄇ2

Hahaha – ᄏᄏᄏ

Thanks – ᄀᄉ

Yes – ᄋᄋ

No – ᄂᄂ

Ok – ᄋᄏ

Grats – ᄎᄏ

You’ll notice these are all very simplified. Like us, Koreans tend to get a bit lazy when typing online. You’re probably more likely to punch out a quick “kk” than a full “Okay” when you’re in the middle of a dungeon. But, perhaps the most important Korean term I learned is not text-speak:

한국말 못 해요 means “I don’t speak Korean very well”.

I think I will be using that one a lot. :)

~ by Synergy on November 7, 2012.

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