New PvE Reputation Gear

In kTera’s November 1st patch, three new reputation factions were added. The first of these did, of course, gain a lot of notoriety since it is the faction associated with the new 3v3 arenas and the Bloodstained Champion’s PvP set.

The remaining two are PvE factions designed to give new players very powerful gear. I have taken screenshots of these gear sets and translated them in this thread.

Jack’s Merchant Guild (젝스 상인 길드) is situated in Cutthroat Harbor. This faction rewards melee classes (lancer, warrior, berserker, and slayer) with chestpieces and weapons. The Society of Mechanical Engineers (마도 기계학회) is its counterpart, selling chestpieces and weapons for ranged classes (sorc, archer, mystic, and priest). Its vendors can be found in Allemantheia.

Both factions sell very interesting items. They stock non-enchantable t14 weapons and chest armour, with extremely high base stats – actually, the highest in the entire game. They are arguably better than tier 13 enchanted to +9, and equivalent to Abyss +6. The chestpieces carry rare class-specific stats. The vendors also sell t14 blue and gold enchanting fodder.

Weapons and chestpieces go for 900 credits each.

The “Crafted By” lines are the same bug we have with dungeon drops. This gear is not crafted, but it’s trying to tell you it is. Deceitful!

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~ by Synergy on November 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “New PvE Reputation Gear”

  1. […] Both factions are for level 60 characters. They are suitable for 60s of all experience levels: from fresh 60s to the pros who make Shandra Manaya look like a joke. Fresh 60s can get some awesome chestpieces and weapons, while the old hats will find the cheap and easily accessible t14 fodder enticing. I recommend that you grind out both factions (so you can get double the t14 fodder!). You can see translated screenshots of the starter gear in this post. […]

  2. Thanks for bringing us the latest news on KTera content, this give us some hope about future of Tera!

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