Grouping Up

I’ve now done two Bastion of Lok runs on my 23 priest. While the dungeons themselves are much the same as what we’ve ran a hundred times in NA-Tera, I am having fun experiencing them again on kTera. It is at once frightening and fascinating to run dungeons with strangers who speak a foreign language. I am constantly worried that something has been addressed to me in party chat, and I’ve missed it entirely. But at the same time, it’s so interesting to learn new words and phrases in Korean. Here are a few I picked up in my Bastion of Lok runs:

수거요 means “well done”. Essentially the same as our American “gj”, it’s said at the end of a successful dungeon run to commemorate your teammates’ good work.
인벤 means “inventory”. I saw somebody type 인벤  ᄏᄏ (“inventory, haha”) when his inventory was too full to pick up his loot.
분배 means “distribution”. If you see these characters (perhaps in a longer phrase), it’s usually a request to change the loot options.
잠시 means “moment”. Essentially the same as our American “sec”. The party leader said this as he was changing loot options. I suppose he wanted us to wait for a moment while he fiddled with loot settings.

I also found this thread very helpful: Guide to Grouping in Korean
Here are a few phrases I’ve copy and pasted from that thread.
ㅈㅅ = sorry
금방가요 = omw
감사해요 = thank you
파티구합니다 = looking for group

~ by Synergy on November 11, 2012.

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