kTera Madness #1

I’m a frequent visitor on the official kTera forums and fansites. By far, the most interesting feature of these sites are their image boards. Users are invited to post screenshots of their newest armour, the perfect stats on their +12 weapon, or pictures from the latest GvG. But sometimes, the image boards contain just a little… insanity.


This image was taken from somebody’s forum signature. Clearly, he feels quite strongly about Elins.


Here, we have an artistic screenshot of a dead priest. Dead? That’s an interesting idea for a screenshot pose. The superimposed text reads, “I love you”.


This is kTera’s resident troll guild. I’m sure you can guess what their guild logo was before I censored it.

~ by Synergy on November 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “kTera Madness #1”

  1. Sick blog, keep it up

    Great photo of the poporis

  2. That is not an Elin, It’s human

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