New Dungeon: Hellfire’s Hollow!

Today, a new teaser was posted to the official kTera site, giving us a sneak preview of the latest upcoming dungeon! Its name is Hellfire’s Hollow.  This is a very rough initial translation.


Hellfire’s Hollow has an adjustable difficulty level. It will feature a new dungeon ranking system. The highest ranking players will receive special rewards.

You can enter the dungeon through the NPC, Vine Leopold, in Velika. You can also enter via the regular party matching system. Don’t forget to pick up the NPC’s quest!

There are two main sections of this instance. The first (“ground floor”) is cross-shaped. There is a central room, surrounded by four outer rooms. Your party members will each split off into separate rooms to battle the monsters there. A switch controls the doors to the rooms; doors remain open for only ten seconds at a time. Activate the 30-minute timer to begin your challenge.

The northern room is full of normal monsters. Just about any class should be able to take on this room.

The eastern room is full of minions. Again, this is a fairly simple room which should be doable for anyone.

The southern room features a single BAM. You’ll want to assign a party member who is particularly skilled at killing BAMs for this guy.

Finally, the western room is full of more normal mobs. These ones will spam a poison, so it’s best that you put your healer in this room.

One party member will have to stay behind in the central room. However, this room is very difficult to defend alone, so periodically your partymates in the outer rooms will have to run in to assist you. I assume the member assigned to the central room also has to operate the door-switches, making his job quite hectic. This will probably require very good coordination and teamwork!

After you have completed this first challenge, speak to the NPC to take a dragon-pegasus to the upper platform.

Up here, you’ll enter a room with three crystals. These crystals allow you to select your difficulty level. The higher the difficulty, the more points you’re rewarded at the end.

Four BAMs will be spawned. The first three are (in order) an Orisk, a Dracoloth, and a Moloch. The fourth is a completely new BAM type, an Ogre. Some of his signature abilities are throwing massive boulders and shooting flaming lasers from his mouth.

After you’ve slain the Ogre and completed instance, a mini-game will begin. Catch the falling coins! Catching coins adds to your dungeon score.

Now, it’s time to add up your final score. Clearing the monsters faster will net you a larger bonus score. Selecting higher difficulties increases your score exponentially – in one example, a group who cleared Low Difficulty earned only 5000 points, while a group clearing High Difficulty earned 30,000. As with Sirjuka Gallery, rewards are sent to you via Parcel Post.

Hellfire’s Hollow also features a unique leaderboards system. Players achieving high scores will be sent additional rewards via Parcel Post. The rewards are as follows:

  • Ranks 1 – 5: Diamond (x3) and Bahar Lion Mount
  • Ranks 6 – 10: Diamond (x2)
  • Ranks 11 – 15: Diamond (x1)
  • Ranks 16 – 30: Emerald (x5)
  • Ranks 31 – 50: Emerald (x3)

The Bahar Lion mount is very rare, not obtainable anywhere else. It has a riding speed of 280. Thanks to WidowMaker for the screenshots!

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 4.37.27 AM

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 4.38.05 AM


~ by Synergy on November 13, 2012.

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