New Monsters in 11/29 Patch

BlueHole Studios is hard at work! Today, kTera’s patch included a few more monster textures from the upcoming content patch. They’re definitely going for an interesting aesthetic!

A few patches ago, the first three monsters were datamined by somebody else and posted here:

I’ve got the newest screenshots right here.

First, we have some sort of monstrous spider type thing.

Here we have a hand. Just a hand. I have my fingers crossed that this will be a monster all on its own – how creepy would it be just to fight a bunch of disembodied hands!?

This monster is called Abomination Twins. It’s actually two monsters fused into one. It sort of looks like the Michelin Man was born as a zombie-fied Siamese Twin.

And, finally. My personal favourite, the Abomination Fusion! Check out that FACE!

Fusion Face

I am absolutely bursting with excitement! We’ve now seen multiple hints that the next content patch is just around the corner.

~ by Synergy on November 29, 2012.

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