kTera’s Awesome Glyph System

kTera recently updated their glyph system to allow players to create multiple glyph builds – in case you wanted a different spec for dungeons, PvP, solo grinding, or whatever you might fancy. Here is the first English language guide on the new system!

The quick and dirty:
– Glyph resets for free, anywhere anytime. *
– Five glyph pages.
– Costs 15g to switch between pages. Anywhere anytime. *
* Anytime you are not in combat.


This is a screenshot of the new glyph UI. It’s still accessed by pressing (default) K button. As you can see, there are five numbered buttons along the bottom left, with a little icon of a floppy disk. Obviously, the five numbers represent each of your 5 glyph pages. The button highlighted in gold is your active glyph page; the button highlighted in brightest blue is the one you are currently looking at; ones in medium blue have glyphs applied to them, but are currently inactive. Grey icons have no glyphs applied and are inactive.

You can reset the individual glyphs of any single page at any time. Simply click on an active glyph to deactivate it, then click the floppy disk icon to save your changes. You can reset all glyphs by clicking the bottom right button (the large one). These changes are free and can be done anywhere, at any time you are not in combat. If you are poor, you can use this as a free alternative to quick-switching.

To switch between pages, simply click the bottom left large button. Switching pages requires a consumable item called Fruit of Oblivion. Fruits can be purchased from any General Goods vendor for 15g 75 silver. They can stack up to 20 in your inventory. Each time you switch glyph pages, one Fruit is consumed.


This is the second page from the first tab of any General Goods vendor.

This new system is incredible and I have no complaints whatsoever. Tera has needed quick and accessible glyph switching for a long time! I am very pleased that the developers finally decided to release it.

~ by Synergy on November 30, 2012.

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