11/29 Patch Notes

Oh my, this is quite late. I’ve been so obsessed with the things that weren’t mentioned in the 11/29 patch notes that I’ve fallen behind on reporting what was mentioned. This was not a very large patch (on the surface!), but alas, here are the translated patch notes.

Quick Rundown:

  • Agnitor & Bellicarium credit cost reduction (#2)
  • New Mount in Cash Shop

Here’s the new mount. It’s a robot thing which was once an NPC model used in one of the new Allemantheia daily quests. It caused quite a stir among Korean players, so BHS decided to cash in on it by selling it as a full mount in the cash shop. It’s sold in RNG boxes similar to those that NA Tera has for gym costumes. You can also receive Lucky Alkahest, Spellbind, Crystalbind, and Master Enigmatic Scrolls in the RNG boxes.


The other main feature of this patch is the second BG/nexus credit cost reduction.

This is a table displaying the new costs of items which will become much cheaper in the new patch. This is the original, unaltered Korean version as seen in the official patch notes.


This is the English translation of the above table.


There was also a note saying that the soulbinding properties of these items had changed – I believe this means they can now be shuffled around to other characters on your account.

If you ask me, BHS “nerfing” older content, making it easy for even the most casual players to get the gear, is a sign that we’ll soon be outgrowing that gear. So I think this patch is a hint that the new content update is coming soon.

~ by Synergy on December 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “11/29 Patch Notes”

  1. Hello Synergy! Keep up this good work I like your kTera blog! Just a question, what is this “lucky alkahest” is it equal with that gold colored alkahest on the new mount’s sheet? If i recognize correctly on the picture:
    Name: 완전한 단련의 가루
    Info: 장비를 강화하는 […] 강하 수치가감소되는 확를이 없으며,
    다른 던련의 가루나강화제에 비해 강화성공확를이 높다.

    What is it exactly? Just a ‘increased their success’ type alkahest?

    • To be honest with you, I’ve never used it myself, so I’m not really sure. The name literally translates as “lucky alkahest”, so yes I’m assuming it’s an increased success chance. It’s very likely that EME will be releasing Lucky Alkahest in NA-Tera soon; they’ve said something about implementing an “increased success” alkahest instead of the 100% alkahest.

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