Feedback on the Christmas Events

This will be a relatively short post; I’ll simply be going over the pros and cons of the kTera Christmas Events.

Event 1: Dungeon Exploration
7:00 pm: In this event, you have a chance to get a GM helping out on your dungeon runs when you queue for one of four specific instances. This definitely brought a lot of people online, and queues for event dungeons were instant. The bad news is that most of the party would quit immediately if no GM was in the group. My first two groups disbanded within twenty seconds of the queue popping. As I type this, I’m sitting at the entrance of Suryati’s Peak in my third group. I think we’ve cycled through ten players now. Three of us stuck it out after we’d found ourselves in a GM-less run; the remaining two slots were a revolving door of people queueing in and then quitting.

7:30 pm: I just finished my first “event” dungeon run, Suryati’s Peak. We didn’t get a GM, and nothing special appeared to happen. Even though we didn’t get lucky, it was fun to log in and do a quick and easy dungeon run.

~ by Synergy on December 3, 2012.

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