kTera Christmas Events Overview

Hello, Tera players!
The cold weather is rolling in quickly. Did you pack your warm clothes yet?

Despite the cold weather, we’re going to be hosting some HOT events in Tera! We’re bringing you nearly six weeks of winter events this season. Are you wondering what we’ve got in store? Check out Tera’s Winter Festival events below!

[Event 1: Dungeon Exploration]
Event Period: Mon Dec 3rd to Thurs Dec 6th
Event Information: Explore dungeons with our awesome GMs and recieve some cool gifts!
>See more details on this event.

[Event 2: The Defense of Arborea]
Event Period: Mon Dec 10th to Thurs Dec 13th
Event Information: Protect Arborea from the murderous monsters!
> See more details on this event.

[Event 3: The Sacred Blessing of Arborea]
Event Period: Fri Dec 21st to Wed Dec 26th
Event Information: Unlock the ancient blessing of Christmas!

[Event 4: Bless the Soldiers]
Event Period: Dec 27th to Jan 10th
Event Information: The brave soldiers of the Valkyon Federation will be given a powerful blessing!

* We’ll post some more information on each event in a separate announcement as their dates approach.

[Bonus Event: Burning Friday Event]
Event Period: Nov 30th to Dec 15th. Every Friday from 8pm to Saturday 11:59 pm.
Event Information: Hellfire’s Hollow dungeon has 2x drop rate.

Are you ready to participate in this season’s hottest events? With 6 weeks of winter events, we hope you’ll have a lot of fun in Tera this Christmas.

Edit: There are some other new events too… most notably, Snowball Wars. Players can get free Santa Hats and Rudolph Noses from the BG. Also, every day you log in from Dec 22nd to Dec 25th, you’ll get 3x Rejuvenation Potions and 3x Blessing of the Goddess. There will also be an event to share Christmas-related screenshots and fanart on the kTera website. Winners will receive 10 Christmas Cakes.

~ by Synergy on December 3, 2012.

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