Snowball Wars: PvP Battleground!

snow war

kTera is hosting yet more Christmas events! These ones are looking particularly awesome. The highlight is a temporary PvP battleground, in which combatants duke it out with SNOWBALLS instead of weapons! All characters above level 15 are invited to join in the massive 10v10 snowball war. This event will run from Thursday, December 13th until January 3rd. Participants can win gift boxes and Rudolph noses!

Snowballs Wars last for about 6 minutes. The first team to reach 5000 points wins. You can queue up for Snowball Wars using the regular Battleground Matching system.

All players above level 15 will automatically receive a quest called, “Rescue Me, Santa!”. To complete the quest, players must achieve one win in Snowball Wars. After turning the quest in, you’ll receive a Rudolph Nose vanity item! If you get 20 wins, you’ll also get a Santa Hat!

All players will have the same stats upon entering Snowball Wars. All players will be given an HP pool of 100,000. You may not use any consumables. You are only allowed to use four skills while in the battleground. Three of these skills are offensive, with one defensive skill.


1) General Snowball.
Deals 20,000 damage.
You can carry up to 99.

2) Snowball with Rocks
Deals 40,000 damage and stuns the target for two seconds.
You can carry up to 10.

3) Giant Snowball
Deals 80,000 damage.
Has a short range, and takes 3 seconds to cast.
You can only carry two.

4) Fireball
Recovers 20,000 HP when you pick it up.

There is also some sort of interaction with Snowman NPCs but I don’t really understand that at the moment. x_x

snowballs wars

~ by Synergy on December 6, 2012.

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