Feedback on Defense of Arborea Event

Today was day two of the Defense of Arborea event! I didn’t get a chance to check out the event yesterday (okay, actually I went to a concert yesterday), but today I did go out to see what all the fuss was about.

Do you recall the summoned-monsters event from NA Tera’s closed beta? It seems that BHS learned from that experience, and made some adjustments so that this event would be more enjoyable than the last. Most significantly, all of the bosses were very well spread out. The event monsters actually spawned all over northern Velika outskirts, not just directly in front of the gates. There must have been at least fifty bosses up at a time! This allowed everybody to have a good shot at getting loot. Players split up into small parties and took on their own BAMs, rather than just zerging the swarms at the gate.


So, I scurried around Velika outskirts, looking for interesting things to take screenshots of. I wasn’t quite in the mood for farming bosses, myself. There was a decent variety of enemies to be found. I saw dragons, spiders, vulcans, giants – and Thulsa and Killian, the final bosses from Ebon Tower and Labyrinth of Terror, respectively. I’m on the level 58 server, so these are endgame bosses here. I was hoping to spot a Kelsaik, but he must not have been in the Christmas spirit.

The common BAMs didn’t seem to drop anything interesting. They don’t drop much of anything in their normal states, either, so this wasn’t too surprising. Thulsa and Killian seemed to drop the same stuff you’d see in their actual dungeons (ET and LoT). Gold weapons, master enigmatic scrolls, the whole deal.


Enjoy some Elin fanservice, you sick fucks.

If you travelled far enough, there were very few players around to compete for your BAMs. I happened across this fellow soloing a dragon on the mountaintop. I took some pretty awesome in-combat screenshots of him; it’s a shame he’ll probably never see them.





I was really hoping to see a GM – perhaps they’d be wearing new armour or have some new shiny mount! I did hunt down the GM, but she wasn’t quite what I was expecting. +12 gear? Nope, this GM was the coolest level 1 on the server!

…She actually died. A lot. The BAMs she’d summoned tramped all over her squishy bikini-clad body, and she went “splat”! Being the good healer I am, I offered her a resurrection. Now, who can say they’ve ressed a GM before?!


Oh well. I did see a little bit of GM superpowers – she was able to cast Teleport Jaunt infinitely, with no cooldown. She could travel across long stretches of land in seconds.

After the event ended, a spontaneous duelling party broke out at the Outskirts Arena. Players stood around the purple campfire and chatted, while watching their friends kill one another.



In review, kTera’s second Christmas event was good, but nothing too special. It was more of a social event than a “get-awesome-loot” event.

~ by Synergy on December 11, 2012.

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