Hey everyone. Just posting to say that I’m still alive, and there is almost nothing new going on in kTera. Originally, Hangame had planned to have an event going on during this time, called “Bless the Soldiers”, but it looks like that event may have been scrapped. They do have the Snow Wars event, though, and this one really weird small event. If you buy a Regal Frostlion mount in kTera’s cash shop, you get a coupon for… a free cheeseburger?

I’m just waiting around for something big to be announced. Hopefully we’ll see something interesting after the holidays!

In the meantime, enjoy this GIF of my warrior’s butt.


~ by Synergy on December 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “Bored.”

  1. [IMG][/IMG]

    Your puny warrior weapons are useless against my superior Booty-Fu

    • Oh my. That is quite an excellent ass.

      Maybe we should start a thread for posting GIFs of your character’s ass in bunnysuits.

      What did you use to make that gif? I used SweetFX to take a ton of screenshots (hold down Prnt Scrn and it just goes berserk), and Photoshop to animate them.

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