kTera is Doing Great!

So, it appears that the free-to-play transition is going over well in Korea.

So well, in fact, that there were log-in queues to get into the servers over the past few days.

The queues are bad enough that Hangame has released a letter to apologize for how long the queues are.

THIS IS AWESOME. It’s really excellent news for kTera, it means that server populations are exceeding expectations and lots of people are re-joining or trying out the game.


kTera will be opening a new server to help handle the flood of new players. It will be called “Elin’s Blessing”.

~ by Synergy on January 5, 2013.

4 Responses to “kTera is Doing Great!”

  1. Hello Synergy. As I heard they (BHS) migrate the existing four servers into a one and start a new server (Elin’s Blessing) for prepairing F2P period. Is this info correct? Maybe this is the reason why big queues appears, isn’t it?

  2. New flood of players is excellent news for KTera. I really hope the westernized versions will experience some changes soon :)
    As always, thanks for keeping us informed!

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