Jan 10th Patch Notes: F2P, Easier Levelling

Source: Official Hangame Site

– Climbing speed has been greatly increased.

– Island of Dawn quests have been streamlined and early play has been improved. Some quests have been removed. Named monsters have received a slight boost in difficulty, and will spawn more frequently.

– BAMs in the open world zones have been adjusted so that they can be soloed by all classes. HP and difficulty has been greatly reduced. Enraged BAMs will drop HP and MP motes when attacked by players. Some attack ranges were reduced. Many quests requiring the player to kill BAMs have been improved, and will require fewer BAM kills to complete. To compensate, the exp rewarded for killing open-world BAMs has been reduced.

Balance Adjustments

The damage of the BASIC ATTACK of Berserkers, Archers, Warriors, Slayers, and Sorcerers has been increased by 70%.

Combative Strike now consumes only 5% HP at low levels. As its skill level is upgraded, it will consume 10%.
Rising Fury now has a chance to complete its animation in 2 strokes, rather than the usual 3.
Smoke Aggressor’s aggro generation has been increased.

Arrow Volley no longer splits damage among multiple targets. To compensate, its single-target damage has been reduced. Overall, the skill will now deal 350% more damage when used on maximum targets.

Hailstorm is now learned at level 48, and can be upgraded in level 3 times by level 60.

Priest and Mystic
Metamorphic Blast cooldown reduced to 1.5 seconds (was 3.5 sec).
Thrall of Protection aggro AI has been improved.

Open-world Normal Monster AI has been improved.
– Monsters will not move from side to side quite as much.

Item Drop Changes
– Items will have a chance to be pre-Masterworked upon dropping.
– Some instanced dungeons will drop pre-enchanted items.
– Dungeons of level 40 and lower will drop +3 to +6 items.
– Dungeons of level 40 to 59 will have a somewhat lower chance of dropping +3 to +6 items.
– Level 60 dungeons will have a very low chance to drop +3 to +6 items.

A “teleport to dungeon” button has been added to the cross-server party matching system.

One character can now aggro more normal monsters simultaneously. Previously, a maximum of six monsters could be aggro’d before monsters would begin resetting themselves.

Improved some open-world zones; fewer monsters have their spawn points set along main pathways and roads.
Improved Zones: Fey Forest, Oblivion Woods, Colossal Ruins, Susuruus Woods
– Overal increase in monster populations; aggro range reduced to compensate.
– More Named Monsters added. They will grant four to six times higher experience points than normal monsters, and have a chance to drop special items. They also drop special Motes, which increase experience gained by 3% for 1 minute, or increase HP by 70%.

Increased Trade Broker Fees
– Listing fee has been increased from 2% to 5%.
– Players can now list only up to 10 items (reduced from 50). Applies only to new users.
– The Negotiate function has been removed.
– The option to buy and sell with T-Cat as an alternate currency has been added.

T-Cat properties have been changed.
– T-Cat coins no longer consume inventory space. They are now integrated as currency, the same way in which Gold, Silver, and Copper are integrated. All existing T-Cat coins have been multiplied by 20. All items in T-Cat stores now cost 20x the amount they previously had.

Some items have been removed from various in-game NPCs.
– All Homonculus-related items (player shops).
– All random boxes (crystal boxes, crafting material boxes)
– Spellbind
– Common Enigmatic Scroll
– Masterwork Alkahest

– Gold dropped by level 59 and 60 monsters has been decreased by 14%.

Some mounts have changed.

Black Horse – Now has a required level of 58 and a riding speed of 270. Has a very low probability to drop in Ebon Tower, Hard Mode.

Nexus Purple Horse – Reduced riding speed to 275.

Zebra – Reduced riding speed to 275.

Black Panther – Reduced riding speed to 275.

White Horse – Now has a riding speed of 280, and a level requirement of 60. Can be purchased for 5000 gold from the Specialty Store.

Added new content and systems.

– Added an in-game store. Within the game, you can purchase goods using HanCoins.

Treasure Box and Key system has been added.
While hunting monsters, there is a chance that they will drop lucky boxes.
The boxes can be opened using a Key.
Various items can be found in lucky boxes.

~ by Synergy on January 9, 2013.

6 Responses to “Jan 10th Patch Notes: F2P, Easier Levelling”

  1. So many changes! Mounts removal is always a no no for me, but all other changes are worth it. At least the game is evolving :D

  2. Thanks for this info. I really hope the BAM nerf never makes it to NA though.

    • Yeah, it’s really silly. A lot of people rave about how their first BAM fight got them hooked on Tera; how the challenge and excitement was something other games weren’t offering. Well, that challenge is gone now… guess BHS is expecting the free-to-play crowd to be too stupid to kill a BAM.

  3. Are Masterwork Alkahest required in KR to enchant over +9 (like in NA/EU)? AFAIR enchanting systems are a bit different here and there.

    • Yes, they are required. They used to have a different system, but it was changed to match ours.

      • I see… Would you please write a post about how F2P affected economy and prices of items that were removed from stores/drops and put into cash shop? For example, if MW alkahest was available from Specialty Store for 30g, how much you need to pay now to buy it from other players? This could somehow help predict what’s gonna happen in NA/EU if we get same changes.

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