Knoxxer’s Comments on Free to Play [NA]

Knoxxer has been quite active on the official Tera forums today! If you don’t have the time or patience to go sifting through long threads, here are the juicy tidbits for you. A caveat before you read: Knoxxer’s posts reflect his opinion only, not what may or may not actually be implemented. But of course, his opinions will have an impact on what EME decides to do, since he has a position of high standing in the company.

Source: Official EME Forums

On pay-to-win:

Saving time with money is acceptable but obtaining something only by purchasing it with cash isn’t.

On restricting content to paid users only:

For MMO’s you have to keep the free option compelling. Gating or restricting content just sucks and all you have really done is created a glorified trial. Having a healthy population is important to an MMO and if the free player can’t contribute as content to the world than you are missing out on an opportunity as a developer. Of course the goal is to convert those free to paying customers but it should be done by their choice not because they can no longer compete or continue their progress.

On making content more time consuming for free users:

Creating a grind to advance might as well be a pay wall and a [filtered] way of doing business. The game should stand on it’s own as free not be crippled. Paying should be a nice benefit or convenience not a requirement.

~ by Synergy on January 9, 2013.

One Response to “Knoxxer’s Comments on Free to Play [NA]”

  1. Thanks again, Synergy, I hope these 2-3 months preNA-patch will pass soon :D

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