kTera Pets

kTera added pets as a part of the free-to-play conversion. These pets are not combat pets, but they’re not entirely useless, either – they can do small tasks like pick up your loot for you. Here are their models, taken from the kTera client.

~ by Synergy on January 10, 2013.

8 Responses to “kTera Pets”

  1. You know what, I think I’ve seen those critters with a red backpack before. I think they’re different from Twangis and go by the name Mandrake on NA. You can see one patrolling up and down Habere (“won’t friends help?” dude.)

    Cat’s new (I just made a popo with that face too). The duck bill could be an element from the vanity hat from Hiderad reputation. The mask is totally V for Vendetta. That’s going to be a bestseller.

    • Oh you know, that’s true. Hmmm.

      I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow morning. The two new servers came up at around 10pm EST tonight, but the old servers – with my characters on them – don’t return until 2am. I am sleepy as hell.

  2. Haven’t checked the files yet, but there should be a 4th one called Homunculus Smurf :)

  3. Love the pets :D
    I hope they add them to the westernized versions as well. That cat is totally irresistible!

  4. Great! Ever since they removed selling NPCS that you could buy, I felt something missing (pet like). This would be a nice addition.
    Now, if housing could be implemented, that’d be just awesome.

  5. What program do you use to view this?

  6. […] to, že se Tera konečně dočká i petů. Mimo již uveřejných tří (pro připomenutí ZDE), budete mít možnost mít i vlastního malého […]

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