New Crystal Eye Weapon Skins

Muahaha. I have unearthed more unreleased weapon skin textures! These new weapon skins were added to the kTera client on January 10th. They appear to be the next big thing in the cash shop.

I also found this little guy in the NPC folders. He’s been named “Tiny_Dragon”.


~ by Jacqui on January 10, 2013.

4 Responses to “New Crystal Eye Weapon Skins”

  1. Thanks for adding these up Syn! Pity dual swords are still not to my taste but that disc is sooo minnneneeee

    I wonder if that drake will make it to our version. The Koreans have minipets right? Them getting it would not guarantee we’d get it. And even if we did they have to disable those things for Nexus.

    I guess he’s as cute as a pink, naked, ripped little snake can get – christ I’ve rewritten that a few times around and always comes out looking dirty.

  2. Ehm, I do like the warrior twins! Want themmm XD
    I agree on the disc as well, it’s a beauty!

  3. Will NA ever get these???? We still havbt and its April :(

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