New Emotes UI

A new UI for emotes and more elin fetishizing in today’s kTera patch! And fun was had all around.


So, BHS wants to make emotes more accessible for all players. They’re adding in a new Emotes menu, from which you can view all available emotes and drag them onto your hotkey bars for easy use. (In case you loved the sound of Elins spamming /cry, amirite?)


You’ll notice there are two tabs to this brand new Emote UI. Would you care to guess what’s in the second tab?

2nd tab

Oh, my. A special set of emotes which are only unlocked when your character is wearing one of the brand new Elin maid costume outfits. At the moment, there are only two new maid-only emotes: a subservient bow, and a booty dance. (It literally translates as “ass/hips dance”.)


booty dance

And, BHS finishes off this article with this whimsical picture of an Elin suffering from a sudden gust of wind.


Edit: Ah, I seem to have forgotten to link the original article on the official Hangame site. Master, please excuse my poor manners!

~ by Jacqui on January 25, 2013.

10 Responses to “New Emotes UI”

  1. Professor Google translated your awkward statement as . . . “Elin cute little ass character dance.” Hmmmmm. “Elin cute little ass character . . . ” Hmmmmmm “Elin cute little ass . . . .” pardon me, I need to go puke my breakfast.


  3. Video wanted !

  4. Here’s a vid:

    and don’t forget to leave a grateful comment for MaachaQ who posted this for us!

  5. thanks! ~

  6. Very nice.

  7. Synergy we MISS you. Where U be? Did F2P leave you burnt out?

  8. Yea, need updates on the upcoming patch! March 6th is a big day!

  9. Why they never fix mystic’s problems?

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