New Armour Models – Federation Update

Edit March 12: See for a much more aesthetically pleasing gallery!

I’ve used my magic to take a sneak peek at the new armour skins featured in the brand-new Federation update! You can see all of the new models in my gallery here:

My Puush gallery!

You can see which race each model is for by checking the small white text at the top left corner. These screenshots were taken using UModel. All the screenshots you see here are of the chest armour ONLY – glove and boot models are included in the files, but I have not screenshotted them.

Not all of the races are represented as of yet. For some reason, the developers have only included skins for some of the races, and not others…? Or else I’ve got a corrupted download. Either way, if you don’t see your class/race here, it’s because I don’t have a model for that in my folders. Missing textures are:

Aman Female: light, robe
Aman Male: robe
Baraka: heavy, light
Castanic Male: robe
High Elf Male: heavy
Human Female: heavy
Human Male: robe
Popori: heavy

~ by Synergy on March 7, 2013.

5 Responses to “New Armour Models – Federation Update”

  1. Is there anyway you can post the new faction weapon skins?

  2. Yay. Good to see you back.

    On a positive note: One of the Elin armors has a smiley face. Good to see them going for cute (as they are allegedly meant to be.)

    On a sad note: I remember when TERA had sexy armors. Seems like they’re kinda re-texturizing 3 year old T5’s.

  3. There is a human male plate and you have it in your list. I have the same ones showing up in my client as well. The new joke weapons are great. The new PvP weapons? meh. There is also consul armor or faction armor.. something armor.

  4. Am I the only one who think TERA since went f2p does not have anything new to offer. I have seen there was a lot of news in your blog untill february and now one per 2 months….

  5. Is it me or did Ktera backfill those god-aweful shorts from frogster into their elin armor going forward.

    heck, they didn’t even bother to put any better textures on it. Wonder if dyes will actually work.

    Talk about dumping artistic integrity.

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