Pirate Costumes!

So, while patching my kTera client today, I noticed that they’ve added in a new set of cosmetic outfits to the game folders! These are unreleased, but you can assume they’ll be a new addition to the Korean cash shop soon.

These screenshots were taken using UModel. I am linking to my imgur gallery.

Link to Imgur Gallery


~ by Synergy on March 25, 2013.

5 Responses to “Pirate Costumes!”

  1. Great! Perfectly fitting to the pirate hat and eye patch :)

  2. Elin doesn’t look pirate-ish at all… Halloween/Gothic much. Quite disappointing qq
    And I only really get pirate vibes from Castanic Male, everything else looks good, but I would probably not assume these are pirate costumes if I wouldn’t know.

  3. so have you stopped updating now?

  4. D: Synergy we miss you.

  5. We are having angels, shepherds, and wise men and we need cheap costume ideas.

    Please help if you can.. thanks.

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